About MSC

Healthy life is a gift but illness is an unavoidable fact. Medical treatment can vary from taking medicine to surgery where each treatment has its own pros and cons. For some diseases, surgery, though painful, is still be the best way for treatment.

With the advancement in medical treatment, surgery is not as frightened as before. The technique in Minimally Invasive Surgery, or so-called MIS technique, has been gradually in replacement of conventional surgery. This is due to the fact that MIS technique is generally accepted that it leaves minimal size of operational wound, gives less pain with a faster recovery.

Despite of its advantages, its drawback comes from two main constraints; it required highly skillful surgeon and special medical equipment to perform operation. As such, the expense is more expensive than conventional surgery. These result in limited number of patients to gain access into this efficient technique of surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery Solution Center, MSC, is founded with an aspiration to broaden MIS technique to patients with limited access. This is fortified into our founding notion; best medical treatment is for everyone. Having said that, MSC is well equipped with team of highly skillful medical personnel, state-of-the-art medical equipment and team of experienced financial advisors where all of which are determined to give you best experience during your treatment at the best value of your money.

MSC Vision

“Best medical treatment is for everyone” is to relief patient’s constraint in reaching best medical services at the most reasonable price.

MSC Services

Caring is at the heart of our service where MSC commit to extend you best hospitality as to our own family. MSC renders service tailored to the need of your medical treatment with highly skillful medical personnel and advance medical equipment. This comes with range of hospitals at your selection to ensure best experience during the course of your medical treatment.

For Patient

Illness is a fact of life where all patients are seeking the soonest recovery with the least painful treatment. However, most of the patients are in limited access into medical services whether refrained by availability of medical personnel, lack of necessary medical equipment, remoted area or budgetary factor.

Getting rid of those conditions has outlined MSC vision where MSC, with our exclusive services, aims to make medical services become available to everyone in necessary.

The example of disease we are specialized with; gallstone, inguinal hernia, ventral hernia, colon cancer, gastric cancer, breast mass, ovarian cyst, myoma uteri. This is only sample list of disease in which you can contact us, free of charge, for other disease you may in doubt. We are always here, right by your side, to take care of you with all of our dedication to your medical treatment.


“Being healthy is a greatest gift” 
is a core of our belief, therefore, all MSC crews are always available to render best available service to comfort your journey in medical treatment.

For Doctor

The dedication to healing people is always at the heart of every medical personnel. Such dedication has, from time to time, been interrupted by inevitable factors; a long list of waiting line for operation room, lack of necessary medical equipment to perform operation or even patient’s budget constraint.

To make way to fulfill your determination in healing your patient, MSC offers you a service to set up your own private case which enhances you in completing your treatment with your patient. This also comes with a financial advisory service to lighten your patient’s expenditure. MSC understands your determination as a doctor so we take it seriously in servicing your inquiry.

For Hospital

MSC realizes hospital is an institution where the sick or injured people are seeking for medical or surgical care in whatever form of treatment. Whether budgetary or cost factor can hinder an ability to take best care of patient. MSC, with its medical personnel at the core and supported by medical equipment partners, can supply you with the total solution to complete medical treatment at your site. To make finest experience in  medical treatment for your patient at your site.

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MSC – Minimally Invasive Surgery Solution Center

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